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Islas de las Perlas
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Las Perlas Islands

Some of the most renowned pearls in the world came from the oysters on the seabed around the hundred or so islands which make up the Pearl Island archipelago in the Gulf of Panama. The islands are mostly uninhabited except for some fishing communities and only a few of the islands have tourist development. But …

City of Knowledge
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City of Knowledge

A complete offer of services One hundred twenty hectares and more than two hundred buildings at the former Clayton U.S. military base now harbor a thriving international community where entrepreneurial, academic, scientific, and cultural collaboration seeks to forge a more humane and sustainable development based on knowledge. City of Knowledge offers its guests and visitors …

Golf en Panamá
Sports & Leisure


Golfing in Panama, a look at the links Panama is on its way to becoming a premier golf destination.  With new courses, redesigned layouts and rebuilds of older courses and a new era of professional golf club management, it all adds up to greater opportunities for enjoying this fascinating (and frustrating!) game in Panama. An …

Gourmet - Fine Dining
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  GOURMET – Fine restaurants in Panama City Panama City is cosmopolitan and so offers a wide choice of restaurants of nearly every ethnic variety and to suit everyone’s taste and pocket. On the opposite page is a list of some of the finer restaurants and a “ready reference” guide to their specialties and other …

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Ron Abuelo

Taste the tradition Ron Abuelo, the connoisseur’s rum of Panama, produced in the historic Azuero Peninsula, is as much part of the culture and folklore of the country as the pollera and the devil masks which also have their origins in the area.  This is why Varela Hermanos, S.A., the distillery which produces Ron Abuelo, …

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Panama’s Museums

There is much to marvel at Panama is a country rich in history, culture and biodiversity.   Its many museums reflect the nation’s multifaceted nature. The majority of them fall under jurisdiction of Panama’s National  Institute  of  Culture  (INAC), whose  director,  Mariana  Núñez de  Haugland,  actively  promotes all  expressions  of  Panamanian identity. There  is  much  to  …

Diving in Panama
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PACIFIC Coiba / Santa Catalina Coiba Dive Center in Santa Catalina boasts “Sharks guaranteed.” Multi-day trips to Coiba, snorkeling tours and custom boat charters also available. Contact 6774-0808, 6780-1141 or write Scuba  Coiba is  owned  by  PADI-instructor,  Herbie  Sunk.   The  center’s  staff  speaks English, Spanish, German, French and Italian. Multi-day trips are available. Contact …

Casa Bonita
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Residential projects to consider 2015

Beach, island, mountain, golf, city Despite the worldwide financial crisis, the real estate market in Panama, while it has leveled off from the boom situation of recent years, remains active. Foreign buyers are still arriving in considerable numbers to look for homes and properties. For homes, there are many devel­opments to choose from. In Panama …

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Museums’ Directory

 MUSEUMS IN PANAMA CITY  BIOMUSEUM – Amador Causeway.  Designed by world famous architect, Frank Gehry, this museum showcases Panama’s ecological diversity. Open Monday -Friday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed Tuesdays. Tel.: 830-6700 REINA TORRES DE ARAUZ – Curundu. (Tel. 501-4731) Exhibits a fine collection of pre-colombian art. NATURAL SCIENCE MUSEUM …

About Panama

General Information

TAXIS Sometimes it seems Panama has more taxis than mangos. Sometimes, if it is raining at knockoff time, it seems there are no taxis at all. In Panama City fares are based on a zoning system. A cabbie must show you his zoned map of the city if you challenge his charge. If you have …

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