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Events 2015

Some of the main events of the year Country Fairs Most of Panama’s country fairs take place in the dry season (Dec. to March) Like country fairs everywhere they include livestock and agricultural exhibits, rides for children, typical food and typical dancing, but each one has its own flavor. The following is  a list of these country fairs with their …

About Panama Focus on


  ENTRY REGULATIONS A tourist can remain in Panama for 90 days. This is normally not extendable but exceptions can be made for such valid reasons as visiting family members or for medical reasons. In these cases visitors must apply for a Short Term Visa (Check the related article about the Type of Visas). There is …

surf in Panama
Sports & Leisure vol. 41#1


Surfing is the most exciting rendezvous with the sea, and in Panama one of the most fascinating adventure tourism alternatives. Experienced or beginner surfers will find beaches on both oceans with ideal waves for the sport. Many national and international professional tournaments take place in Panama, taking advantage of the huge waves of the country’s …

fishing in Panama
Sports & Leisure vol. 41#1


That the name Panama means “an abundance of fish” in an ancient indigenous dialect is a time-honored Panamanian cliché. Trust those Indians. They knew what they were talking about. Panama offers fishing for all ages and experience levels. For those interested in open water fishing for species like Marlin, Dorado and Yellow Fin Tuna as …

Sports & Leisure


Along with its world-class Canal the Isthmus of Panama features world-class sailfish and marlin, as well as horse racing, diving, surfing, white water rafting, all manner of adventure sports and of course, more traditional sports like tennis and horse riding. Here with is a sampler of what is offered for sports buffs. SURFING. Excellent surfing …

Panama Metro – primero en Centroamérica
Notebook vol. 40#2

Notebook – Vol. 40#2

Metro – catching up The first line of the London Underground was opened in 1863. A century and a half later the first trains of Panama’s City’s new Metro began running. We’re catching up. This is the frst metro system in Central America and has come none too soon in view of the traffc congestion …

Nuevas esclusas del Canal
Cover Story Focus on Panama City

Panama Canal

Awesome then… amazing now The Panama Canal, after a century in operation, is still one of the engineering wonders of the world – the “Mars probe” of the Wright Brothers’ days. Even by today’s standards it is awesome to see a container ship gliding through massive locks and past a rain forest. Put the Canal …

Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Sports & Leisure

Bird Watching in Panama

By Craig Weincek Panama deserves to be one of the best destinations in the world for bird watching. While Panama might not have the most species of birds of any country in the world (though it is ranked in the top 25 with over 970 species) we are much smaller and more accessible to more …

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