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Nuevas esclusas del Canal
Cover Story Focus on Panama City

Panama Canal

Awesome then… amazing now The Panama Canal, after a century in operation, is still one of the engineering wonders of the world – the “Mars probe” of the Wright Brothers’ days. Even by today’s standards it is awesome to see a container ship gliding through massive locks and past a rain forest. Put the Canal …

Nuevo Centro de Convenciones de Panamá
Cover Story Panama City vol. 39#1

Panama New Convention Center

We’re building it – they will come A dramatic addition to the vibrant development of Panama City is under way — a new convention center fronting the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal and scheduled to be finished next year. Panama’s current site for large congresses and events, the ATLAPA Convention Center, built in the …

Focus Panama - Vol. 38#2
Articles Cover Story vol. 38#2

Our Cover – Vol. 38#2

If you needed a sign that Panama is now a recognised international tourist destination, the big red double decker buses, which began to ply Panama City streets this year, have provided it. Seasoned travellers know that most major destination cities offer the hop on, hop off service. That is the reason we chose to put …

Bodas en Panamá
Articles Cover Story vol. 37#1

Weddings in Panama

Panama, the perfect destination The wedding, for most couples, is the momentous event which should define the quality and substance of the rest of their passage through life. Decisions about the details of this awesome ceremony are therefore most important. So the couple must decide, first and foremost, where will the wedding be? In times …

Focus Panama - Vol.37#1
Cover Story vol. 37#1

Our Cover – Vol. 37#1

“Destination  weddings”  they  are called  by  wedding  planners  and  the tourist  industry.    They  are  becoming the  vogue  as more  and more  couples in  the U.S.A, Europe  and many other countries  decide  to  tie  the  knot  at  an exotic  destination, with  a  honeymoon conveniently to follow. To  say  the  vows  on  a  beach,  an island or …

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