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La nueva aplicación para móviles “LiveWalk PTY”
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A personal tourist guide in your phone

The new mobile app, “Live Walk PTY”, provides a new and exciting way to see the historic sites in Casco Antiguo. It offers a personalized tour, with audio and images, which tells events of the past, the places where they occurred and the protagonists. The project seeks to encourage walking tours, while strengthening the ties …

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Ron Abuelo

Taste the tradition Ron Abuelo, the connoisseur’s rum of Panama, produced in the historic Azuero Peninsula, is as much part of the culture and folklore of the country as the pollera and the devil masks which also have their origins in the area.  This is why Varela Hermanos, S.A., the distillery which produces Ron Abuelo, …

Panama Metro – primero en Centroamérica
Notebook vol. 40#2

Notebook – Vol. 40#2

Metro – catching up The first line of the London Underground was opened in 1863. A century and a half later the first trains of Panama’s City’s new Metro began running. We’re catching up. This is the frst metro system in Central America and has come none too soon in view of the traffc congestion …

Articles Notebook vol. 39#1

Cheap and Happy

Panama seems to be more than ever in the international spotlight these days. Among last year’s accolades was the New York Times’ vote for Panama as the number one tourist destination. This year, the U.S. television network ABC made major news of the results of a Gallup Poll that concludes that, as a group, Latin …

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