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Articles Panama City vol. 39#1

Panamá Pacífico:

Community with Style Once upon a time, not too long ago, Panama Pacifico was a master plan. The land was little more than a vast canvas…blank and brimming with potential. Until Master Planner London & Regional Panama took up its palette, and amid great swaths of green, began to build, embellish, and adorn. Thus Panama …

Visitor Information vol. 39#1

Making the move to Panama 2013

Retirees, investors, second-home seekers and professionals are the new-style immigrants to Panama The trend to seek a retirement or alternative home abroad seems to be growing among people from many countries around the globe but especially among North Americans and Europeans. And Panama is becoming popular with these new-style immigrants. “International Living”, the re-nowned magazine …

Articles Notebook vol. 39#1

Cheap and Happy

Panama seems to be more than ever in the international spotlight these days. Among last year’s accolades was the New York Times’ vote for Panama as the number one tourist destination. This year, the U.S. television network ABC made major news of the results of a Gallup Poll that concludes that, as a group, Latin …

Roberto “Manos de Piedra” Durán
Articles Notebook vol. 39#1

Movies – Made in Panama

Panama’s aspiration to establish a movie industry has been given a serious boost since a Hollywood-style film with a homegrown theme is to be made here about Panama’s legendary boxing champion, Roberto “Hands of Stone” Duran. The movie was scheduled to be made in Puerto Rico and the U.S.A but the Panamanian government, firstly as …

Nuevo Centro de Convenciones de Panamá
Cover Story Panama City vol. 39#1

Panama New Convention Center

We’re building it – they will come A dramatic addition to the vibrant development of Panama City is under way — a new convention center fronting the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal and scheduled to be finished next year. Panama’s current site for large congresses and events, the ATLAPA Convention Center, built in the …

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