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Feature Visitor Information vol. 40#1

Making the move to Panama 2014

Retirees, investors, second-home seekers and professionals are the new-style immigrants to Panama The trend to seek a retirement or alternative home abroad seems to be growing among people from many countries around the globe but especially among North Americans and Europeans. And Panama is becoming popular with these new-style immigrants. “International Living”, the re-nowned magazine …

Beach Resorts & Islands Focus on vol. 40#1

San B

Guna (formerly Kuna) Indian women look almost too good to be true. In fact, some visitors to the tribal territory of San Blas are moved to suspect that, once the tourists have gone, the Indian women will change out of their finery and catch a plane back to town. Wrong. The San Blas woman, whether …

Focus on Panama City vol. 40#1

Casco Anti

By day or by night Panama City’s old quarter, Casco Antiguo, is an attraction to rival the Canal itself. The walled city was founded in 1673 on a promontory which the city fathers deemed more defensible than the original city on the other side of the bay which was sacked and plundered by the English …

Focus on vol. 40#1


Tourism pamphlets boast that Veraguas is the only province with coasts on both oceans. This attribute doesn’t help the tourist because the Caribbean side across the mountains of the Continental Divide is still an undeveloped wilderness un-reachable by road. But the Pacific side has attractions in good measure. The provincial capital, Santiago, has simple but …

Visitor Information vol. 40#1

Looking for a home 2014

Despite the worldwide financial crisis, the real estate market in Panama, while it has levelled off from the boom situation of recent years, remains active. Foreign buyers are still arriving in considerable numbers to look for homes and properties. For homes, there are many developments to choose from. In Panama City, apartments constitute a buyer’s …

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