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Panama seems to be more than ever in the international spotlight these days. Among last year’s accolades was the New York Times’ vote for Panama as the number one tourist destination. This year, the U.S. television network ABC made major news of the results of a Gallup Poll that concludes that, as a group, Latin Americans ranked as the world’s happiest people, but Panamanians took the cake, getting 85 points out of 100, thus officially becoming the world’s happiest people.

Then the influential magazine The Economist put Panama in their sights. Businesses look to The Economist for its bi-annual poll which evaluates the cost of operations in new markets by analyzing salaries and the cost of 400 goods and services. Panama City ranked sixth cheapest but was a stand-out winner for the highest level of safety, a stable government and a high quality of life. The only cities listed that are cheaper to live in than Panama City are in Saudi Arabia, India, Iran and Pakistan. Most expensive city was Zurich, Switzerland, which for the first time in at least two decades surpassed Tokyo, Japan.

The latest bouquet comes from the magazine Conde Nast Traveller which included Panama as one of the best destinations for 2013, citing first class infrastructure. They also mentioned the Biodiversity Museum scheduled to open this year on the Amador Causeway, which has also featured in National Geographic.