La Cinta costera, un buen lugar para ejercitarce

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A great place to excersize
A great place to excersize.

Coastal Strip for cycling, skating or eatingThe Coastal Strip, since it was completed in 2009, has become a favorite place for Panamanians and foreigners, who go there to exercise, play games or just to have a good time with the family. But the Coastal Strip is more than a park, it is a place where events such as Carnival, concerts and parades take place and now, on Sundays from 6:00 a.m. to 12 midday, cars are banned and it is converted into a biking path from Panama Viejo up to Coastal Strip III which goes around Casco Antiguo on top of a viaduct and continues on to the Amador Causeway. The view of the Old Quarter from the sea is astonishing. Along the route there are basketball, tennis and soccer courts, children’s parks, concert areas and lookouts.

Wonderful fresh fish and seafood can be found at the Mercado del Marisco (Seafood Market) and the so-called “Fritodromo”, next to the Maracana Stadium, at very reasonable prices any day of the week. For thrill seekers there is the Skate Park, designed by the renowned group, California Skatepark, and open to the public.

It is a great place to spend time exercising, walking or simply enjoying the best fish you ever had in your life.