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Backyard Brewery

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Visiting a new restaurant is always an event. If we add that you have a microbrewery, you can feel lucky. And if you also have a family history with generations involved in the brewery, consider yourself a lucky person.


At Backyard Brewery you can feel like you’re in the old world, with the traditional and artisanal flavors of good beer. Their best recipe is the 100 years they enjoy in the brewing branch, with a family tradition that goes from great-grandfather to the current generation, with Johann Schauer as the owner.


All lovers of good beer will find in this microbrewery, an ideal place to learn about all the production processes with family tradition, while listening to high-level music, in classic genres such as rock and roots reggae, as well as contemporary hits, to achieve a festive and unforgettable atmosphere.


Its patio with green areas suitable for having a picnic style “Beer Garden” typical of German culture, is wide for the organization of private events with reservation.


Its Menu includes hamburgers, wings, mozzarella sticks, a mixed tray for three people, artisan pizza, Pretzel, German sausages and choripan. Those that can be accompanied with the house specialty such as European beers such as: Märzen lager, Pils, Vienna Lager, Blonde Ale, Porter, Stout, IPA, Weissbier, among others seasonal, with fruit flavors such as passion fruit and cherry.


Address: Calle 68 este in San Francisco, House # 4. They can be located as BackyardBrewerypty on Waze or Google Map.

WhatsApp: (507) 6780 – 6835

Instagram: @backyardbrewerypty

E-mail: backyard.brewerypty@gmail.com

Hours: Monday to Saturday 4:00 p.m. at 11:00 p.m.


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