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Sports Activities for all Tastes

In Panama You can Enjoy all Outdoor Activities Most of the Year. In Panama, there are tons of places to fish. Either in a lake, in a river, by the sea or even in the open

In Panama You can Enjoy all Outdoor Activities Most of the Year.

In Panama, there are tons of places to fish. Either in a lake, in a river, by the sea or even in the open sea; tourists come to practice sport fishing.

Panama means “abundance of fish” in indigenous language and honoring its name, it has several world-class fishing areas, including Piñas Bay in Panama, home to more records worldwide than anywhere else in the world, 250 to be exact and the Gulf of Chiriquí and Coiba Island in the western area of Panama. Near Panama City is Las Perlas Archipelago, at a short distance either by boat or plane.

For freshwater fishing, Gatun Lake in the Panama Canal is perfect. At 45 minutes from Panama City. In these areas, fishing is so abundant that it is normal for every person, including children, to catch at least twenty fish. At the same time, you will enjoy the views towards the humid forest around the lake. The most wanted fish in Panama are: Sailfish, Wahoo, black and striped Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna.

—Golf —

According to “Leadingcourses”, (The largest list of golf courses in the world) Panama has a score of 7,8 for the practice of this sport, which indicates that it is an good destination for playing golf.

This rating indicates how appropriate a golf destination is. The rating is based on several elements, such as the average rating of golf clubs between this destination and the above-average density of golf clubs. There is a great variety of golf courses in Panamá, and one of the most popular is Tucan Country Club & Resort, it has a golf course and service that will make you want to come back for more. It is located a few minutes from Panama City on the West Bank of the canal close to the new Pacific locks. It is the centerpiece for a gated, upscale housing development. Another popular golf course is Mantarraya Golf Club – Decameron. However, the Buenaventura Panama Golf Resort is one of the finest with its 18 holes golf course. There are also renowned golf clubs such as Summit Golf Club, Santa María Golf & Country Club, Lucero Golf & Country Club., Quebrada Grande Country Club, Vista Mar Golf & Beach Resort, Bijao Golf Club, Panama Golf Club, Coronado Golf & Beach Resort.


Surrounded by more than 2,400 km of coastline, Panama is the perfect place to surf. Panama has a lot of big waves. The breakwater options are diverse, there are for every type of surfers, from beginners to professionals. Whether you’re looking for something to warm up or something big, in Panama you will find “the right wave”.

Along the Pacific coast of Panama, from April to June usually one-day sea winds and constant waves are seen from the southwest. This is one of the most popular times for surfing in Panama; The Pacific coast, however, also has considerable waves in July and August. During this time of the year the swells of the southwest are large and constant, sometimes with double or triple force on the breakwaters.

Santa Catalina: Located in the province of Veraguas, for many it is the best and most reliable surfing site along the Pacific coast of Panama. At the Punta, the waves can reach 6-9 mts. This is a breaker of strong and large waves that break both right and left.

Venao Beach: Located on the Azuero Peninsula, it has long been one of Panamanian surfer’s favorites. Until a few years ago, there was only a small restaurant and a large open beach. However, as more travelers explore southern Azuero, Playa Venao is emerging as one of the most notable surf spots in Panama.

Cambutal Beach: Also on the Azuero Peninsula, it is located south. Adventurous surfers are those who travel there. The long stretch of the coast has both resting points and breakwaters. It tends to receive most of the waves, including those from the north, south and west, usually of decent size sometimes with up to 4.5 – 6 mts. The waves are and form barrels.

El Palmar: This central Pacific beach is a Panamanian classic, suitable for all levels of surfing. It is not crowded, but usually you see a constant group of surfers, especially Panamanians.

Paunch Beach: this is one of the best known surfing destinations in Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro Archipelago. Located next to the east coast of the island, its waves break from right and left. It has great waves perfect for all levels including beginners.

Bluff Beach: this is an extensive and beautiful beach at the end of Isla Colon, in the Bocas del Toro Archipelago. It is a beach of powerful waves and high speed. For this reason it is mainly for experienced surfers.

Silverbacks: Located on Isla Bastimentos Bocas del Toro, it has one of the most famous surf waves in Bocas. It is also the largest, often compared to Hawaiian waves such as Backdoor and Sunset.


Panama has special areas for cycling, and in recent years there have been campaigns for this sport to grow much more among people of all ages. Most of the areas where this sport takes place have beautiful views of either Panama City or natural landscapes of the interior of the country. Here a brief list of zones and areas for cycling and mountain biking that every local or foreign visitor can enjoy.

Cyclovia to Amador (Panama City): It is 28.3 kilometers long. Start from the Paitilla area, go through the coastal strip until you reach the last island of the Causeway at the entrance of the Panama Canal.

Altos de la Cruz, El Valle: It is 62.45 kilometers long, has a high level of difficulty. It begins in Quebrada Grande and continues up the mountain, lowering it until it reaches the picturesque town of El Valle de Anton in the Province of Cocle.

Las Uvas, Penonome: it is 67.59 kilometers long, it is of a high level of difficulty, but it is rewarded by incredible views of the nature that is in the province of Cocle.

Trillo La Colorada: It is 15.03 kilometers long and is located at Veraguas Province. It has a high difficulty due to its ups and downs a few hills in a natural environment.


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