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A Destination Developing a First Class Tourism

One of the Most Visited Destinations for its Beaches, Nature and Traditions. At only 184 km approximately traveling through the Panamerican Highway from Panama City, you find Cocle Province. Located in the central area of the

One of the Most Visited Destinations for its Beaches, Nature and Traditions.

At only 184 km approximately traveling through the Panamerican Highway from Panama City, you find Cocle Province. Located in the central area of the country, where adventure, history and ecotourism are a tradition, where all the attraction can be enjoyed.

Tourism has been developed in this province, due to the contrast of its exuberant nature and the proximity to Capital City and the Pacific beaches. Its tropical forests, mountains, beaches, micro spring weather, the simplicity and hospitality of its people, make it a great destination to relax. It is even known internationally, as a great destination for retirement.

It has the infrastructure, hotels, tourist sites and the Rio Hato airport, with the slogan “Cocle has it all”, this region promotes its tourism benefits. Among its most popular locations are:


The Capital City of Coclé, it has a colonial Spanish urban layout: the church, government offices and police station are established around a rectangular park. This city has the great advantage of being near the Pacific coast (30 km), so many tourists choose to stay in this region. It has amazing places such as the Salt and Sugar Museum, El Caño Archaeological Site, Gaital Hill, Las Pailas and Tavida waterfalls.

—The Anton Valley—

The district has as a major reference for visitors, the Anton Valley, located in the Central Mountain Range. Most of its inhabitants live on tourism, so there are more than 60 hotels and hostels, a wide variety of restaurants, all provide good and personalized services for Visitors. You will find thematic lodgings, others specialized in hiking and ecotourism adventure, even those who are dedicated to meditation and relaxation.

The best cover photo is obvious: “The Sleeping India.” A mountain with the shape of an indigenous woman sleeping laying on her back, and you can even go hiking to the summit. There are also other tourist spots such as Las Mozas watefalls, thermal water wells, El Níspero Zoo among others.

—La Pintada—

At 15 kms from the center is this picturesque district, whose name arose from a property made out if mud, and was painted in colors, the only grocery store in the area, and as a reference they called it the painted house.

La Pintada is popular for making a particular hat, a Panamanian handmade jewel with export quality. Most of the “Pintaos hats” come from Membrillal, Llano Grande, Santa Cruz, La Honda and Perecabé Towns within La Pintada District.

Among its most popular cultural celebrations is El Topón, a pilgrimage with the image of the Virgin Mary and the God Child. Both images will travel different routes and then bump into La Plaza de El Topón, the night of December 25.

Other tourist places around La Pintada, it is worth going to: the Petroglyphs of La Albina, Orarí, Picacho and Guacamaya mountains, the Los Algarrobos resort.

—El Cope—

At 40 minutes drive from Penonomé, is El Copé. The Ideal place to experience some nature adventure and bathe in the mystical jets surrounded by beautiful forest. Las Yayas waterfalls and the Colorado River are some of the sites to explore. Las Yayas, acquired that name because an ancient legend about three women from Copé, who appeared every so often to those who arrived at that waterfall. The Colorado River has that name, for the reddish pigments derived from the minerals of that region.

In the hotels and hostels they have more information about tourist services that offer certified guides of the area.

—Things to do—

  • Go around the El Níspero Zoo in El Valle de Antón, where you can see animals and birds native to the tropics, which can hardly be seen in other zoos.
  • Visit El Mariposario or Butterfly Haven at Antón Valley. Hours: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (closed on Tuesdays). Cost $5.00 adults, $1.50 under 13 years.
  • Take part in a tour like the “Canopy Tour”, where you pass over El Macho waterfalls twice. With an approximate duration of an hour and a half, cost $53.00. More information at www.canopytower.com
  • Venture to participate in hill tours, bird watching or “tours” on mountain bikes in the Valley. Hire the services of a tour guide such as El Chacal Tourist Adventures, by calling cel.6607-5174.
  • Enjoy the tranquility of the sea, testing your balance and skill practicing “paddle”, in Fallarón del Chirú beach. Call Farallon Paddle Co at cel. 6255-3329.
  • Learn more about the history of this province, visiting El Caño Archaeological Park Museum, located in Natá de los Caballeros. A site with large pre-Columbian tombs. Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 pm. Cost $3.00 adults, $5.00 foreigners, $1.00 students and retirees.
  • Tour the Pacific Riviera, where you will find beaches between West Panama and Coclé such as Punta Chame, Malibu, Coronado, San Carlos, Río Mar, Santa Clara, Playa Blanca and Farallón. You can download map and information at www.visitpanama.com/destino/riviera-pacifica
  • Taste the village’s own flavor, such as the emblematic white delicacy of “Dulces Dayana”, in addition to its red, white cocadas (dessert made from coconut) and assorted trays.
  • Buy a native painted hat in La Pintada, where you can see the best artisans making their clothes, accessories and typical accessories.


  • 你可以去安东谷(El Valle de Anton)区的尼斯佩罗动物园(El Nispero)。那里可以看许多动物,其中包括热带雨林的鸟类。这些热带雨林鸟类可不是在哪里都可以看到的。
  • 参观安东谷(El Valle de Anton)区的蝴蝶园,它的营业时间是上午9点至下午4点(周二关门);费用:成年人$5.00,13岁以下的小孩$1.50美元。
  • 体验滑索之旅(“Canopy Tour”)。你将会在“El Macho” 瀑布上方溜两次,而这个活动时长是一个半小时,费用是$53.00美元。欲知更多,请前往www.canopytower.com
  • 参与山谷冒险旅行、观赏鸟类以及骑山地车。另外,你也可以聘请一个导游,例如您可以打电话到Aventuras Turísticas El Chacal,其电话是66075174.
  • 享受宁静的大海。你可以在Fallaron del Chiru海滩用“划桨”测试自己的平衡感。如果你感兴趣,可以致电到Farallon Paddle Co公司,电话号码是62553329。
  • 如果你想要了解更多有关该省的历史,可以到位于Los Caballeros区Nata小镇的埃尔卡诺考古公园博物馆(Museo del Parque Arqueológico El Caño)。这里是一个大型前哥伦比亚坟墓遗址。营业时间是周二至周六,上午8:30至下午3:30;费用是本国成年人$3.00美元,外国成年人$5.00美元,学生和老人$1.00美元。
  • 游览Riviera 太平洋。在这里,你可以找到许多位于Panamá Oeste省和Coclé省之间的海滩,例如Punta Chame、 Malibú、Coronado、San Carlos、Río Mar、Santa Clara、 Playa Blanca以及Farallón。如有需要,可以在这里下载海滩的地图:www.visitpanama.com/destino/riviera-pacifica
  • 品尝这里独特的乡村风味,例如白色的甜点“Dulces Dayana”以及红白色的椰子饼和特色奶糖。
  • 购买La Pintada区的巴拿马草帽。在这里,你可以看到和买到手工最好的巴拿马民族服饰。


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