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The Jewel of Panama’s Atlantic Side

A Land of Historic Enchantment that Dazzles All Visitors. Located in the Caribbean at the entrance of the Panama Canal, the name of the province comes from the sailor Christopher Columbus, who landed on these lands

A Land of Historic Enchantment that Dazzles All Visitors.

Located in the Caribbean at the entrance of the Panama Canal, the name of the province comes from the sailor Christopher Columbus, who landed on these lands during his fourth trip to America. Its geographical position has played an important role in the economy and history of Panama. During the colonial era it was a strategic transit point for treasures being sent to Spain from the colonies, as well as in the construction of the interoceanic railway during the “Gold Rush” in California. Colon City is the capital of the province, founded on February 27, 1852, is famous for its Free Zone, and for being the northern terminal of the Panama Canal.

—Afro Culture—

The origin of the Congos dates back to the times of the colony, when Europeans send to our continent the first groups of slaves from Africa. From that time the blacks began to combine their culture with that existing in the province. In this province, the Congos dances arose, where seduction and sensuality prevails between men and women.

—Historical Monuments—

Portobelo: The Historic Monumental Complex of Portobelo, is a town that captivates with its military, civil and religious buildings that make it unique town. Former center of world trade through the traditional fairs of the 16th to 18th centuries, Portobelo is now a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This place keeps the history of attacks by pirates and privateers, treasures and black slaves, all have left a rich heritage in gastronomy and the essence of the Colon culture “the congo dance”. Portobelo is at Costa Arriba 50kms northwest of Colon City and can be reach by car or bus entering through Sabanitas town.

Fort San Lorenzo: The fort of San Lorenzo is one of the oldest Spanish fortresses in America. It is located at the mouth of the Chagres River, and it was through this river that the pirate Henry Morgan arrived in Panama City “La Vieja” to loot it. UNESCO World Heritage Site, was part of the defensive ecosystem for the transatlantic trade of the Crown of Spain, a magnificent example of military architecture of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. This historic monument is located in Costa Abajo de Colon and is reached by car or bus through the newly opened bridge over the channel in the Atlantic.


Its food is very popular in the country, for its Caribbean flavor, with chili pepper being the special ingredient. You can also enjoy their specialty: fried foods, shellfish (cambombia snail, shrimp, crab), rondón (fish or shellfish soup seasoned with green banana, coconut milk, vegetables, tubers, peppers, sweet peppers and spices), accompanied with coconut rice, patacones, carimañolas, patties, dumplings, johnny cake, bread bon among other delicacies. Sao (made with pork leg) is also famous.

—Things to do—

  • Ocean to Ocean Tour on the Panama Canal and jungle visit: a unique tour where tourists can observe the abundant surrounding nature from the water and walking. An unforgettable tour where you can see closely the mega ships that transit, followed by a visit to Fort San Lorenzo and its surroundings.
  • Panama Canal Eco Cruise and Tour to the Embera Villa: this tour takes you through the modern operations of the Panama Canal and to a remote village of the Embera Indians on the Chagres River.
  • Tour of Portobelo and Caribbean Island: this walk takes you from Panama City to Mamey Island in the province of Colon with clear and pristine waters, and on the same day to know the rich history since Colonial times of the town of Portobelo and its imposing fort .


  • 参观连接2个海洋的巴拿马运河和景色壮丽的热带丛林:这会是一次独特的旅行,因为游客们可以分别从水路和陆路来观察巴拿马周围的丰富自然环境。这也会一次难忘的旅行,因为游客们可以仔细观察过境的大型船只,并参观圣洛伦索堡(Fuerte San Lorenzo)及其周围地区。
  • 巴拿马运河生态邮轮和安比拉(Embera)村庄之旅:该趟旅程将让您了解巴拿马运河的现代化运营,同时你也可以探索查格雷斯河(Río Chagres)岸上一个遥远僻静的安比(Embera)村庄。
  • 波托韦洛(Portobelo)和加勒比岛(Isla del Caribe) 的岸上游览之旅:该趟旅程将带您从巴拿马城出发,到达科隆省(Colón)的Mamey岛,那里的水域清澈干净。当天,您还可以参观并了解自波托韦洛镇(Portobelo)和其历史悠久的雄伟堡垒。


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