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OCTOBER Event: Typical Urban and Carnival FestivalPlace: Amador Convention Center, Panama The event will present carnival queens ot 2020, and the greatest folkloric artists. Event:Tiger Island FairPlace: Tiger Island, Guna Yala There will be food, music, dance and traditions


Event: Typical Urban and Carnival Festival
Place: Amador Convention Center, Panama

The event will present carnival queens ot 2020, and the greatest folkloric artists.

Event:Tiger Island Fair
Place: Tiger Island, Guna Yala

There will be food, music, dance and traditions of the Guna Yala culture.

Event:Ngäbe Culture Festival – Buglé Meri Bä Nuäre
Place: Santiago, Veraguas

Festival that seeks to revitalize the culture of the Näbe and Buglé indigenous people of Panama. There will be a parade, food tasting and artistic expressions.

Event: Festivities of the Black Christ of Portobelo
Place: Portobelo, Colon Province

Religious event that brings thousands of devout people of the Black Christ to this town in the province of Colon to give thanks for its miracles.

Event: Montijano Crab and Seafood Festival
Place: Montijo, Veraguas

Event that exposes the gastronomy and culture of the region that its primary income comes from fishing.

Event: Parade of Traditional Wagons, Folklore and a Loose bull
Place: Pedasí, Los Santos

A celebration that highlights the traditions and cuisine of the Pedasí region.

Event: National Pintao Hat Festival
Place: La Pintada, Cocle

It has the objective of preserving the artisan techniques used in the making of the most emblematic hat in Panama. There will be a parade, gastronomic tasting and artistic presentations.

Event: Festival of Customs and Traditions
Place: Las Tablas, Los Santos

Activity that seeks to keep alive the tradition of the legendary ox carts. A parade that shows all the splendor of the traditions of Los Santos, Province.


Event: Crazy Cow Festivity
Place: La Colorada de Santiago, Veraguas

One of the most fun celebrations, you can see a person dressed as a cow running everywhere while carrying fireworks

Event: Separation of Panama from Colombia.
Place: Panamá

National celebration that declares Panama as an independent country.

Event: Colmon FairPlace: Macaracas, Los Santos

An agricultural, craft and tourist fair where you can enjoy folk activities.

Event: My Ranchito Festival
Place: Jesus River

A celebration where you can try gastronomy and buy handicrafts in ranches that have been built in a traditional way.

Event: San Andres Fair
Place: San Andres de Bugaba, Chiriquí

Here the culture and traditions of the people of Bugaba are exalted in the beautiful province of Chiriquí

Event: Santa Catalina Party
Place: Pedasí, Los Santos

Party in honor of its patron Saint Santa Catalina, where the image is taken as a thank you to the favors received from her.


Event: Highland Fair
Place: Volcano, Chiriquí

In this event you can appreciate artisan products, taste delicious foods, and appreciate organic products such as agriculture

Event: Alajuela Lake Fair
Place: Chilibre, Panama

An event that commemorates the creation of this artificial lake with the exhibition of indigenous crafts, clothing, home accessories, artistic presentations and much more.

Event: The Pintada Topon
Place: La Pintada, Cocle

A religious event that the farmers of the area organize, where locals and foreigners live the experience of celebrating the arrival of the child God live.

Event: Parade of the Thousand Polleras
Place: Las Tablas, Province of Los Santos

Thousands of women parade through the streets of the town dancing and showing the beauty of the most beautiful dress in the world: La Pollera Panameña.


Event:Panama Jazz Festival
Place:City of Knowledge, Panama City.

The biggest music festival in the country. Cultural exchange platform to enhance interdisciplinary ideas and projects of high academic quality.

Event:Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival
Place: Boquete, Chiriquí Province

Great musicians from various countries play the best of Jazz and Blues music for local and foreign audiences.

Event: Carnivals
Place: National Holiday

For four days the country stops to celebrate the biggest party, with parade of queens, music and the traditional “culecos” (trucks with water tanks pouring water to the crowd).


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