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Nature trails, waterfalls, whale watching, cool mountain climate, delicious gastronomy A province located in the western sector of the country, which borders Costa Rica, and the Pacific Ocean. In the northern sector of the province you

Nature trails, waterfalls, whale watching, cool mountain climate, delicious gastronomy

A province located in the western sector of the country, which borders Costa Rica, and the Pacific Ocean. In the northern sector of the province you can find the Chiriqui highlands, full of beautiful nature and cool mountain weather, as well as the impressive Baru Volcano, the representative icon of the province. Here you can explore nature trails, walk over hanging bridges in between the mountains, and enjoy a rising local cuisine made from export-quality agricultural products.

How to get there?

Chiriqui can be reached in different ways. The fastest is by plane, every day there are roundtrip flights that only take 50 minutes. Driving takes between 5 to 6 hours and taking the bus from 7 to 8 hours. However, going by car has the advantage of being able to make multiple stops to visit very interesting and beautiful places along the way in the interior of the country.

Agrotourism Circuit

  • Coffee Tour

Coffee plantations in Panama are mainly found in the mountainous areas around Boquete. Taking a tour in one of these plantations is a wonderful way to understand the work that goes into producing the world’s favorite morning drink. In these tours you learn about the harvesting, drying and roasting processes. Most importantly, you also enjoy one of the freshest cups of coffee you will ever taste.

The international recognition of Arabica coffee produced in Boquete has generated a very interesting industry in which tourists can learn about everything related to the production and commercialization of coffee in the region.

  • Honey Tour

This natural ingredient is part of the culture of those who live in this province and today it has several tours in Boquete. Visitors together with a guide will learn about the nature and importance of bees while enjoying a delicious coffee. Once tourists have been introduced to this fascinating world, they take a tour of the gardens where you can see plants, butterflies and bees up close. The tour continues with the explanation of honey production and tasting of products, wines and spirits made from this incredible ingredient.

Gastronomic Circuit

Boquete has always fascinated Panamanians for its mild climate and its Bajareque rain (very light rain that can be barely felt) that surprises at any time, as well as the forest vegetation, but in the last 10 years good gastronomy has been added to this list.

The restaurant of the Hotel Panamonte has a relaxed atmosphere with a mountain feel and an exquisitely selected menu. Its owner is the renowned Panamanian chef Charlie Collins and the dishes are prepared under his supervision. You can choose from trout, steak, fresh vegetable salads, and desserts.

The menu at the restaurant of El Oasis Hotel, next to Caldera River, offers beef and lamb. At The Inn at Palo Alto, next to the river bank is Boquete’s best-known restaurant: The Rock. Where they offer gourmet dishes made with fresh products.

But if it is Panamanian food, Donde Giselle, a restaurant inaugurated not so long ago, has one of the best culinary proposals offering traditional dishes from Panama such as: “guacho” with pork, “carimañolas”, whole fish, tamales, “monos” (local dish made of rice, Chiriqui beans and meat), chicharrones (fried pork) and much more.

Ecological Circuit

The first type of tourism that was developed for some time in this province was the ecological. There is something here for all tastes, ages and abilities. The nature trails and impressive waterfalls are a feast for the senses.


  • Lost Falls Trail

Located near Boquete District, it is a 3.4 kilometer trail of moderate difficulty. While waking the trail the visitor is rewarded with beautiful views of the surroundings until reaching three powerful waterfalls, the second one has a small cave that you can enter and even swim.

  • Pipeline Trail

Located at Los Naranjos, Boquete, in the Bajo Mono area. Is one of the best trails that any visitor can experienced. The path runs parallel to a river in the middle of the jungle until it reaches a huge waterfall surrounded by nature and unique wildlife, it is even possible to watch the Quetzal bird along the way.


  • Romelio and Kiki

Located in the Ngäbe-Bugle region, it is a waterfall that gives the sensation of rising from inside of the earth, thanks to its internal camera that allows you to see from the inside out. A unique experience.

  • Choclon

Located at Cochea Central, along the road to Boquete, these beautiful 10 meters high twin waterfalls, are at the end of a cliff. The bluish-green water gives this place a magical touch, as well as the arboreal roof that forms around it, ideal for spending an afternoon in a group or as a couple.

  • Thunder Falls

The 30-minute walk within the mountain range in Boqueron, leads to a dream destination, where you can feel the force of the waterfall 20 meters away. An aggressive, powerful and beautiful 80 meter waterfall. It is one of the coldest waterfalls in the region. Hence its particular name.


  • Las Lajas

One of the most extensive in Latin America, with 15 km of palm trees on the Pacific. You can enjoy bathing in the warm water waves of the ocean, also practice surfing or bodyboarding. You can also ride a horse at the entrance of the San Felix River.

There is a wide offer of hotels to stay both on the beach and in town. Also inns and restaurants that offer the best of typical Panamanian food, but also excellent Italian pizzas and pastas, Spanish cuisine, Mexican tacos and German food; even an artisan ice cream parlor! More information:

  • La Barqueta

Relaxing and beautiful beach, just 25 minutes from David, Chiriqui. It has all the comforts, a 5-star hotel, villas and apartments. As far as gastronomy is concerned, you can find everything from inns with Creole food, to restaurants with international food and gourmet dishes prepared with seafood and fish. You can go horseback riding or kayak through the mangroves.

Things to Do

  • Go to the small town El Nancito, at 15 minutes from San Felix on the Panamerican highway. 
  • Visit El Nancito Archaeological Park and Petroglyphs Museum, open from Tuesday to Saturday from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. Free entrance.
  • Take a Coffee Tour in the Highlands and Boquete. Hotels offer a package for you to visit the de dwarfed  plants nurseries, coffee plantations, learn about the harvest, roasting and packaging, in addition to tasting the final delicious result. Prices range from $ 25.00 to $ 40.00, depending on the number of people.
  • Learn  about the biodiversity of the Panamanian cloud forest while walking across eight hanging bridges. A three hours tour of only contact with nature, where you will watch waterfalls, treetops, birds among other natural attractions. The tour costs $ 30.00 cost.
  • Visit the Boquete Municipal Market and buy handicrafts or agricultural products directly from suppliers and intermediaries. Its new facilities include handicapped ramps, brand new restrooms, a conference room and an amphitheater. Located at the heart of Boquete Town.
  • Relax at one or more natural waterfalls. A recommended tour is to going to Macho de Monte canyon and Cascada del Trueno, located in the mountain range in Boqueron. A tour package to these two waterfalls cost $ 60.00.

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