Enjoy Delicious Culinary Dishes that Represent Panamanian Culture

On the road there are places with delicious gastronomic proposals. Panama has a wide gastronomic offer with flavors and seasonings that people enjoy, where recipes and ingredients from the Amerindian, Hispanic, African and Afro-Caribbean cultures are

On the road there are places with delicious gastronomic proposals.

Panama has a wide gastronomic offer with flavors and seasonings that people enjoy, where recipes and ingredients from the Amerindian, Hispanic, African and Afro-Caribbean cultures are fused.

The multicultural influence and the ethnic groups that came to settle in the country, have contributed a lot to the growth of local cuisine as well as the opening of many restaurants and inns with varied and original menus. Over the years, Asian cuisine has been fused with traditional dishes from Panama City or Azuero, the African with the one from the Atlantic coast and the European with dishes from western Panama, among others. Multicultural gastronomy gradually expanded inland, achieving wide spread acceptance all over the country. Among the places that offer a sensational menu of dishes in the interior of the country, and are recommended to visit are:

Restaurants in Cocle 

Pannito’s Cafe:

Excellent place to enjoy Creole food, or snacks when going through Aguadulce. Restaurant – Bakery with a wide range of international dishes. The menu has photos of their dishes that can be ordered via their whatsapp link. Located in Calle Abelardo Herrera, Aguadulce – Cocle. IG: @pannitoscafe Tel. (507) 997-5555.

Los Camisones:

The specialty of the house are paellas, seafood and fish. This restaurant has been highlighted by Travelers’ Choice for its foreign diners. They have a menu with gourmet, healthy and children’s dishes. Located at La Ermita de San Carlos, Km 104, Pan-American Highway. IG: @camisones Tel. (507) 993-3622 or 343-3903.

La Fogata:

At Farrallon you can discover this highly recommended restaurant by foreign tourists in Tripadvisor, as one of the best in Cocle Province. Its main dishes are seafood and accompaniments. Their desserts and sweets with seasonal fruits are also recommended. IG: @la_fogatafarallon Tel. (507) 908-3975.

La Casa de Lourdes:

A place dreamed of and chosen by brides for their wedding. This “Garden House” has a menu with international dishes, where the meat cuts prepared with products from Anton. Located at El Valle de Anton on the main avenue, take the street of S/M Hong Kong. IG: @lacasadelourdes Tel. (507) 387-5120.

Restaurants in Veraguas

La Gioia Di Napoli:

Excellent place to try the real Napolitan wood-fired pizza. This specialty and other dishes such as exquisite pasta cooked in the oven, inspired by the award-winning Italian cuisine. Located on Avenida Sur, behind Plaza San Juan de Dios in Santiago de Veraguas. IG: @lagioiadinapoli Tel. (507) 6805-0029.

Canalu Hamburger:

They are experts preparing hamburgers with generous portions of protein, and a variety of wraps. They have the Canalu Challenge, where people must eat the “Kraken” hamburger, potatoes and a shake in 35 minutes. Located in Canto Del Llano, Santiago de Veraguas. IG: @canalu_hamburgueseria Tel. (507) 933-5920.

Restaurants in Azuero

El Mirador:

With a phenomenal view of the city of Chitre, this place is very popular for its viewpoint, seafood and fish dishes. It has a very pleasant environment that will make you visit repeatedly. Located at the entrance of Chitre, Herrera. IG: @restauranteelmiradorchitre Tel. (507) 974-4647.

Bocas House:

Menu loaded with delicacies of Afro-Caribbean and Caribbean food. Beautifully decorated, this Bocatoreño restaurant breaks with the traditional Creole cuisine from Herrera. Located on Calle 30 de Diciembre in Chitre. IG: @bocashousechitre Tel. (507) 6521-7448.

Smiley’s restaurant:

American and Panamanian style cuisine served in a family atmosphere. The ribs, the fried snapper and the hamburger are among the most requested by its clientele. Smoked nance roasts are the feel of this place. Located on the main street of Pedasi. IG: @smilinssmileys Tel. (507) 6510-9652.

Terry Desti Beach:

The owner is French and handles the kitchen with skill. Its menu is very varied, ranging from starters with ceviche, through strong seafood dishes, pasta to French food specialties. Located at Los Destiladeros beach, Pedasi in Los Santos. IG: @terrydestibeach Tel. (507) 6606-6420.

Restaurants in Chiriqui

The Spanish Corner:

Spanish-Panamanian gastronomic fusion, where paella, sangrias, pasta, seafood and local dishes are prepared to delight all the palates. They organize events with flamenco dances, presentation of singer-songwriters among others. Located between Calle C and D Norte, Avenida 9 de Enero. David, Chiriqui. IG: @ elrinconespanol.panama Tel. (507) 6861-6334.

Mike´s Global Grill:

International cuisine with northern and European flavors can be enjoyed in this place, where the main slogan is to laugh and have a good time. Enjoy your favorite food and drinks with live music on the weekends. Located on Calle 7 Sur, Bajo Boquete, Chiriqui, IG: @mikesglobalgrill Tel. (507) 730-9360.

Schumanns Restaurant:

Under the motto “The Art of Dining”, in this place you can enjoy gastronomy and good pictorial art. Its great attraction is its Italian, French and especially German dishes. Its owner Claudia Schumann strives to provide a personalized service. Located in Boquete. IG: @claudiamarialuise Tel. (507) 6657-5555.

Tre Scalini-Boquete:

The place whose specialty is Italian food, and that you can also enjoy during your stay in Boquete, Chiriqui. From their starters to their desserts, they cook with the best Italian gourmet style. Ask about their renowned wine labels. Located in Bajo Boquete, IG: @trescaliniboquete Tel. (507) 730-9255.

Donde Giselle:

Restaurant and bar with authentic Panamanian cuisine with a gourmet touch and delicious pizzas. Its facilities have an indoor atmosphere, with a large terrace to listen to folkloric musical presentations. Located on main street, next to Boquete Brewing. IG: @dondegiselle (507) 6480-0922.

Los Brezos:

In this Boutique Hotel, you will find the Restaurant Bar that bears its name, with a high-end gastronomic service. Each dish carries creativity inspired by the flavors of the Highlands. Located on Calle Tercera, Brisas del Norte Volcan. IG: @losbrezoshotel Tel. (507) 787-5687.

Bocas del Toro – Isla Colon Restaurants

Big Creek – Skully’s

Located on Isla Colon, this restaurant has a spectacular view of the Caribbean. It offers dishes specialized in seafood and typical of the area, such as ceviche or fish fresh from the sea. Contact: 6689-5050.

Cafe del Mar

Located in front of the police station on Isla Colon, is a small and very cozy restaurant where visitors can find specialties of Caribbean and Latin food on the menu. The spinach omelet, the blueberry pancakes and the burrito are very popular for breakfast. Contact: 6776-8858.

The Last Refuge

On Avenida Sur Isla Colon, this restaurant located on the water has a wonderful view of the sea. Visitors can enjoy fish, seafood, Caribbean and vegetarian food. It has live music, giving it a lively atmosphere. Contact: 6726-9851.

MK Restaurant

This restaurant offers an excellent combination of dishes specialized in food: French, seafood and European. For many people they have the best hamburgers with fries in all of Bocas. It is located at the Clean Water Building. Contact: 6377-1325.

Bocas Blended 

Known as the bus, it is located on an old school bus converted to a double-decker restaurant. From its second floor, you can watch the most inhabited sector of the entire archipelago between Isla Colon and Carenero. The menu is very accessible, and they offer delicious sandwiches, wraps and fresh fish. A very popular lunch spot. Contact them: 6774-2939.


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