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Boquete, The Tourism Capital of Panama

A small mountain town with world class activities surrounded by nature In Chiriqui there is a destination known as the "Valley of Flowers and Eternal Spring". This cool weather valley has become one of the most

A small mountain town with world class activities surrounded by nature

In Chiriqui there is a destination known as the “Valley of Flowers and Eternal Spring”. This cool weather valley has become one of the most attractive tourist and retirement destinations in the Western Hemisphere. Boquete’s famed popularity and charm stem from the incredible serenity, fertility, and beauty that surrounds it. This region covers approximately 350 square miles and its altitude fluctuates between 800 and 3,475 meters above sea level. The city is at approximately 340 miles from Panama City, and is easily accessible by land (it will take approximately 5-7 hours) or by air (1 hour flight to David City, which is 40 minutes from Boquete).

Boquete was founded on April 11, 1911. The first settlers came from other areas of Panama and countries, but predominantly Swiss, Yugoslav, Swedish, German and American immigrants shaped the cultural melting pot that is Boquete today. Many farms and houses still have that reminiscence of the architectural styles of those countries.

Within the exuberant flora of Boquete, you will find ecotourism trails, as well as river rafting activities for the adventure seeker. Boquete’s flora is abundant and diverse, filled with lilies, hibiscus, hydrangeas, roses, carnations, sunflowers, and orchids. So much natural beauty has been the inspiration for the creation of the Flower and Coffee Fair, one of the most anticipated and important events in the country.

Coffee Route

Harvesting high-quality coffee has long been a tradition in Boquete and highlands in Chiriqui, taking advantage of the region’s microclimates. The success has been so great that the producers have managed to harvest the Geisha Coffee, the most valued in the world. This gave inspiration to create an experience that will leave an unforgettable mark on you.

In this route you enjoy tours that include the complete experience of sowing, harvesting, and packing, even tasting a delicious cup of coffee, all while you get to know up close the farmer who performs this difficult work on a daily basis. You like to try as much coffee as you wnat, you can also choose an experience where you can taste different types of coffee accompanied by renowned expert tasters. You will learn how the flavors of nuts, fruits or flowers develop in the bean and how the process and roasting affect the taste and above all, how to recognize a good coffee.

The Coffee Route comprises 18 coffee farms located in Renacimiento, Tierras Altas and Boquete. Harman, Grupo Eleta, Apre and Candela, Renacimiento district; Janson, Ceriana, Carmen Estate Coffee, Nueva Suiza, Hermanos Lara and Bambito Estate, in the Tierras Altas district; Boquete Tree Trek, Kotowa, Lerida, Elida, Princesa Janca, Cafe Ruiz, La Milagrosa, Don Pepe and Hacienda Mamecillo, in the district of Boquete. In each farm you will know the facilities, and the areas where the best coffee beans are harvested.

Agro Tourism

Years ago, many families in the Boquete District had farms that they kept in good conditions in order for their relatives to enjoy nature and outdoor activities. Over time they realized that the tourists who arrived asked if it was possible to visit and watch the beauties they had and their lifestyle. This is how the agricultural activity developed a segment that over the years has become one of the best tourist experiences in our country…agro tourism.

In the Boquete farms you will get to know the valuable natural ecosystem, surrounded by fauna and flora, as well as family history, since these are properties that have passed from one generation to another.

Agro-tourism in Boquete has activities for you and all visitors such as camping, outdoor sports, hiking, bird watching, plants and different species of insects, as well as fruit trees, among other natural wonders that coexist in the biodiversity of the Chiriqui region, a space reserved for nature, full of greenery and life for ecotourism lovers.

All certified agro-tourism farms have facilities such as access from the main road, with parking areas, restrooms, picnic areas, hiking trails that will take you to rivers, waterfalls and to enjoy bird watching, the latter is activities most requested by foreign tourists.

Gastronomic Experience

Boquete is full of new and exciting restaurants, it is the city with the most restaurants in all of Panama proportionally speaking (population versus number of restaurants). A trip to Boquete is not complete without enjoying good food and drinks after a day full of adventures. Therefore, we have listed some restaurants to eat that will help you decide where to go.

  • Restaurant Hotel Panamonte:

This sophisticated restaurant has a long-standing reputation. Chef Charlie Collins takes a modern approach and exquisitely prepares everything from smoked pork chops with rum glaze to fresh salad in blackberry vinaigrette and sublime lemon pie. It is also ideal for cocktails and wines.

  • Retrogusto:

At this new farm-to-table Italian restaurant, it’s hard not to order everything on the menu—everything looks and smells great. Here you can start with stuffed mushrooms or a lush salad. Hormone-free beef, house-made pastas and delicious artisan sourdough pizzas are all hits.

  • Boquete Fish House:

Great seafood is this fish market along Quebrada Grande. It offers sea bass prepared in eight different ways, from the delicious version steamed and wrapped in lettuce leaves to the good fish and chips. There is also great meat dishes, as well as vegetarian options.

  • Apizza

Crispy, thin-crust Neapolitan tarts are the unassuming stars of this restaurant. They are made from local mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes, and imported flour from the country of origin.

  • Rock:

This restaurant offers quality gourmet food. Herb octopus with coconut rice is recommended and there are delicious pasta and meat dishes. The restaurant is also great for a drink; It has an extensive wine list and a full bar.

  • El Pianista

This Italian restaurant and pizzeria has river stone walls and just a few tables along one of Boquete’s hillside trails. A bottle of wine and pizza or calzone are the perfect lunch.

  • Cafe Punto de Encuentro:

This family restaurant used to be a garage and garden. All diners are treated with love by Doña Olga, who prepares breakfast like no one else in Boquete.

  • Mike’s Grill Restaurant:

A true expat hub, this restaurant offers everything from Asian fusion to American chili to British fish and chips. The atmosphere is relaxed, with a long bar and sofas. They also offer daily breakfast and live music on weekends.

  • Big Daddy’s Grill:

A stalwart choice of Americans and Boqueteños alike, this friendly restaurant serves the most enormous and satisfying fish tacos. The menu also includes chicken wings and delicious salads. The backyard offers privacy and a lively environment.

  • Ngadri:

A paradise for vegetable lovers; all natural, organic, super fresh, an explosion of very varied flavors and tasty. Excellent endemic food with local ingredients. Quality vegan options. A beautiful place, quiet, relaxing and fresh food of the season. They have a gallery of paintings by local artists.

  • Sugar and Spice Dulces Gourmet 

Located on the main street of Boquete, here the delicious baked bread and freshly brewed coffee make a visit a delicious experience for the senses. They have a complete breakfast menu with amazing waffles, burritos, sandwiches and pancakes. Also lunches with specialties of Mexican gastronomy and vegetarian dishes.

Things to Do

Go on a half-day tour where you can immerse yourself among more than 30 species of butterflies and also have an amazing honey tasting of different flavors like no other place. Information: www.natureboquete.com.

Take a trip to the top of the Baru volcano in an all-terrain vehicle. Get ready to leave very early and see the sunrise, an experience that you will never forget. Information: https://beyondadventuretours-com.stackstaging.com/

Learn all about the enchanted garden at Schumann’s Botanical Park, a park full of frog house, orchid species, a wide variety of flowers of all colors, ponds, trails and much more. Information: www.jardinencantado.com/rainforest-park/jardin-encantado-park/.

Visit a coffee farm, where you will be taken on a tour to learn about each step in the process of making the perfect coffee. Information: www.buypanamacoffee.com.

Relax doing a horseback tour through the natural beauties and impressive views of an agro-tourism farm.

Information: 507- 6588-5054.


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