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A Natural Paradise to Discover

Lakes, mountains, parks and traditions that enchant all visitors This sector of Panama Province is an area where you have many places to discover by local and tourists, but it is beginning to change. The enormous

Lakes, mountains, parks and traditions that enchant all visitors

This sector of Panama Province is an area where you have many places to discover by local and tourists, but it is beginning to change. The enormous natural diversity, the growing number of agro and eco-tourism activities that you can enjoy. East Panama is at only 1 hour from the city center.

Lake Bayano

Approximately 93 kilometers and two hours away from Panama City, this artificial lake was created to supply water to the Panama Canal and the Bayano Hydroelectric Plant since 1976. The first thing you will love is to cross the entire length of the lake by boat and pass between areas full of dry trees, a reminder of the forest that existed before the area was flooded.

To come upon the Embera you have to go on Lake Alajuela, where some indigenous people will take you on canoes through the jungle. During the journey you will be able to enjoy watching exotic fauna, and bathe at a waterfall. In the Embera community, you will be received with traditional dances, cultural demonstrations, craft sales and a lunch with the catch of the day.

Lake Bayano has three caves that will make your trip an unforgettable adventure. You will walk through passageways inside huge caverns with hanging bats as company to make your experience more intense and fun.

Cerro Azul

Just an hour from Panama City is Cerro Azul, a mountainous sector that houses a cloud forest that borders the Chagres National Park. It has a pleasant climate and a height of up to 950 meters above sea level. This natural destination on the outskirts of the capital is the perfect place to explore natural trails that will give you the opportunity to explore rivers and even kayak at Cerro Azul Lake. 

The nature in Cerro Azul is so pure that is very sure that you are going to relax among so much nature. You can visit agro-tourist farms where you will ride a horse, you will feed the animals of the farm, discover the flora of the area and even try delicious cuisine made with local products.

You have many options to stay, from hostels, hotels to cabins and rental houses for a long stay.

Chepo District

Located at one hour from Panama City, taking the east road, you will arrive at a District that has been working to integrate itself into the eco-tourism experiences.

The Chepo District is made up of the districts of Chepo, Cañita, Chepillo, El Llano, Las Margaritas, Santa Cruz de Chinina, Torti and Madungandi, the latter being an indigenous district.

It has a multicultural population made up of the Guna, Embera and Wounan indigenous groups, black descendants of the Maroons, and also has immigrants from Panama central provinces.

Chepo’s name is derived from the word “guna sipu” which means albino.

In this region you will find the Mamoni river, ideal for you to spend the day with your family and take a dip, go fishing, do river rafting, accompanied by expert guides.

In the Margarita sector you can enjoy agro-tourism activities where you will find lakes with ducks, a viewpoint from where you can watch in awe the surrounding nature, well-preserved forests and even a waterfall where you can enjoy a refreshing dip. Also, you can learn all about farm animals with tours of a farm where they have chickens, pigs, cows and horses. This sector also has good options to stay in hotels that offer everything you need to spend the best vacations with a swimming pool, restaurants, bars and outdoor activities.

In the Cañitas sector you can visit the Bayano dam, a mega hydroelectric project inaugurated in 1976 with the creation of the artificial lake that bears the same name.

Chagres National Park

A park of great importance for nature conservation, culture, history, water sports and abundant nature converge. It consists of 125,000 hectares crossed by streams and waterfalls that lead to both the Chagres River and Lake Alajuela. In the forest are also the 48 kilometros. that still survive of the Camino Real, before the Canal was built.

 The rugged terrain offers hills and cloud-covered peaks, such as Cerro Jefe. From this wonderful peak you can enjoy spectacular views of the Panama Canal. Another adventure that you cannot miss is to book a tour of the remains of the Camino Real. 

When you’re done exploring on foot, you can try some water sports in the park, including rafting, kayaking, and fishing. You can also canoe down the Chagres River to visit the Embera indigenous community.

How to Get There

Chagres National Park is located about 65 kilometers north of Panama City and can be accessed by car. 

Things to Do

Go on a walk in the Chagres National Park until you reach a village of the Embera indigenous group. You will also enjoy a walk along the Chagres River and a beautiful waterfall. Information: https://www.getyourguide.es/ciudad-de-panama-l811/caminata-parque-nacional-chagres-y-tour-pueblo-embera-t110779/

Take a river rafting day tour on the Mamoni River, Information: https://www.viator.com/es-ES/tours/Panama-City/Mamoni-River-Rafting/d950-34942P3.

Learn all about the Bayano caves, by having the adventure of your life. Information: +507-6153-8924 (WhatsApp), info@travellingsoulpanama.com.

Visit the agro tourism farm El Paraiso in the Margarita area, an excellent option to enjoy outdoor activities and agrotourism. Information: 507-6942-3318.

Relax at the beautiful Cerro Azul lake on a kayac, surrounded by nature. It costs $3.00 per person. Information: https://es.lasemillapanama. com/lake-kayaking.


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