Focus Panama - Vol.37#1

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Focus Panama - Vol.37#1

“Destination  weddings”  they  are called  by  wedding  planners  and  the tourist  industry.    They  are  becoming the  vogue  as more  and more  couples in  the U.S.A, Europe  and many other countries  decide  to  tie  the  knot  at  an

exotic  destination, with  a  honeymoon conveniently to follow.

To  say  the  vows  on  a  beach,  an island or a mountaintop, in a rainforest or a tropical garden is to have an auspicious  start  to married  life  and memories for  the years ahead… and Panama can provide a wide choice of locations, as well as  the services necessary for a well-organized and happy event.

Our cover was shot on the beach at Bocas del Toro, the Caribbean resort on Panama’s northwest coast. The seaside wedding was a charming event, made even more poignant by a barefoot bride in  traditional  white  contrasting  with the  exuberant  natural  surroundings  of a jungle beach. See our cover story for more photos of  this and other destination weddings in Panama.