Con dos océanos y lagos inmensos, probablemente no haya mejor lugar en el mundo para practicar kayak que Panama

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A new sport has recently been introduced to Panama and one of the interesting things about it is that it runs the gamut from extreme sport to fun with the family. Kayak paddling has arrived and it’s home is Panama Paddle Center which provides a well-stocked shop, a club and an information center.

If all you know about kayaks is that Eskimos get around in them, you will be amazed at the variety this sport offers. Panama Paddle’s shop sells recreational kayaks, touring kayaks, tandem kayaks, fishing kayaks, white water kayaks and surfing skis plus an array of equipment and accessories.

The club organizes family outings, a favorite being to Gatun Lake and a floating restaurant, and fishing trips too Fishing kayaks are wider so that you can stand up in them to cast your fly. The speed and maneuverability of the craft gets fishermen to previously inaccessible spots such as outer reefs and banks, secluded bays and coves and the quieter corners of Lake Gatun.

With two oceans and two vast lakes, probably isn't a better country in the world for kayaks than Panama
Kayaking, the versatile water sport, comes to Panama.

Surf and white water beckon the extreme kayak sportsman and perhaps there is an Olympic Gold in Panama’ s future.

Water sports are a passion for Paddle Panama’s founder, Hennie Marais, who developed his love for the ocean in his native Africa, diving and surfing around the continent. During his 13 years in Panama he has managed major sport fishing operations in the Darien and Veraguas.

There probably isn’t a better country in the world for kayaks than Panama, with two oceans, two vast lakes, jungle and mountain rivers – and even the Panama Canal.

Presumably tour operators are now adding paddling holidays to their offering in this water wonderland that is Panama.