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Focus on Visitor Information

Health Tourism

  Board-certified bi-lingual doctors, sophisticated procedures – big savings Panama’s reputation as the most health-conscious country in Latin America dates back to the construction of the Panama Canal when the Isthmus was freed from tropical diseases. Not only did U.S. doctors help to eradicate malaria, yellow fever and typhoid; they inspired generations of Panamanian physicians to …

Focus on Visitor Information

Churches & Temples

  Assembly of God. Calle 75, Tel. 261-7660, E-mail: Minor Basilica Don Bosco. Catholic, Tel: 227-4561.  E-mail: Faith Baptist. La Boca, English speaking congregation 6607-6009. Panama Baptist Convention. Tel. 253-5806. First Isthmian Baptist Church. Cristóbal, Cl. 13. Tel. 445-12-37 E-mail: Salvation Army. Tel. 261-8859, 261-8091 E-mail: Anglican Episcopal. Ancón , Panamá. Tel. 262-2097 E-mail: Panama Evangelic Methodist. Tel: 224-7955 E-mail: …

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